The Foundation for the Orchestra of the City of Alcalá, responsible for the management, counts on the support of the city councillor of Alcalá de Henares City Hall, who shows this support through multiple commitments and agreements.

The Foundation has its headquarters in the Gilitos Cultural Center.

It has as fundamental objectives:

  • Contacting professionals in order to expand the formation of its members.
  • Promoting coexistence and participation around the musical phenomena.
  • Exchanging experiences with musicians from other locations.
  • Favoring the diffusion and consolidation of classical music in the city and its area of influence.
  • Offering Alcalá de Henares, university and World Heritage City, and its institutions, the emergent and living reality of a symphonic orchestra with lineage in the cultural, social, and educational scopes with international acclaim.

The Foundation for the Orchestra of the City of Alcalá gives its website, and the purposes that promote and motivate its objectives, to any music lover, person (physical or legal figure), or public entity to approach the impulsive reality of a cultural dynamic that is eminently musical in the Corredor del Henares in the Madrid Community, with an epicenter in a World Heritage City such as Alcalá de Henares. This project has been consolidated for over 23 years by the people in the city that count on the support of its public institutions and local businesses.


  • Donations with their corresponding tax, contemplated in the current normative.
  • Becoming a collaborator of the entity.
  • Renting advertising spaces in the website, programs, and posters during the concert season.