The Symphonic Orchestra starts in Alcalá de Henares 1996, where by request of The Administration of Alcalá de Henares City Hall, it receives the name Orchestra of the City of Alcalá. Since then, the increasing motivation and commitment of its young musicians, together with the efforts of its conductor and founder, Vicente Ariño Pellicer, who has guided its growth and consolidation with the support of the Foundation for the Orchestra of the City of Alcalá, have permitted the enrollment of seventy musicians and have given more than three hundred concerts in Alcalá, Spain, and abroad. Internationally, the Symphonic Orchestra has played in Mannheim (Germany, 1998), Talence (France, 2000), Varna (Bulgaria, 2003), New York (USA, 2004), Paris (France,  2005), Oporto (Portugal, 2007), Mannheim y Heidelberg (Germany, 2007), Bordeaux (France, 2009), Saint Petersburg (Russia, 2012), Poland and Turkey (2014), Lithuania (2015), and Rome (Italy, 2017). It receives a standing ovation in all of its performances both from the critics and the public.

During the fall in 2004, it makes an exchange with the Youth Orchestra of New York (ISONY).

In November 2012 it participates, representing Spain, in Saint Petersburg’s 12th International Festival of the State Music Conservatory, Rimsky Korsakov, to celebrate its 150th anniversary along with orchestras from some of the most important music conservatories in the world. 

On December 30th, 2005, it participates in one of the commemorative acts of the 4th Centennial of the release of El Quijote in the National Auditorium located in Madrid. It appears again in the same event in 2011.

In addition, it works with a Chamber Orchestra that develops annually a program of didactic concerts in collaboration with other institutions oriented to students. It also performs in diverse festivals and other cycles.

Since October 2004, it includes a Youth and Children’s Section with Iñaki Urbina as its conductor. Some of its members joined the Symphonic Orchestra during its 10th anniversary in the symphonic room of the National Auditorium, which united more than 600 musicians and singers on stage.

The orchestra offers the following program of fixed performances in Alcalá de Henares:

  • The Festival AlCine concert, in November.
  • Christmas Concert, at the end of December.
  • Spring Concert, during the commemorative acts of April 23rd, Cervantes’ day. 
  • The Festival Clásicos en Alcalá concert, at the end of June.
  • The Three Wise Men Concert, on January 6th, in the Corral de Comedias. 
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